From Nowhere to Now Here!!!!

Ah, my dear sweet wonderful friends! Tonight is the sort of night where I just bask in the total amazingness of it all! It is rainy and dark but my heart is soaring….I feel the sort of excitement that one feels when one is “on the edge” (a GREAT edge)….like a child on the night before Christmas or the sort of inner explosion one feels when you first realize that you are in love…!!

Yes, I know that there is no “logical” reason for all of this because I am 51 years old and I am definitely not rich. I am not a celebrity. I have lived most of my life as a single mom so there is really no “logical” reason why I should be feeling (by modern standards) that my life is getting better–much less a success.

And yet….. wink!

I can’t help but wonder what it would be like…what it would feel like if we were just wired slightly differently….let’s suppose that we were truly programmed to thrive in this entire journey…no chiding ourselves for the stumbles along the path…no beating ourselves up for the tears or for the fears or for the “failures” that we have attracted as we inch our way into eternity.

I am told that life is tough and that I must shed my Tinkerbell glasses for a more responsible and “realistic” outlook on life and yet my spirit can’t help but inquire…for all of the times that I have worried and examined the “harsh reality” of a scenario, in my own personal experience, isn’t it “true” that my worst fears never came to fruition. Disaster never landed at my doorstep and somehow I survived…so doesn’t that imply that perhaps “realism” is just a kind way of redefining “pessimism” and could it be that the Tinkerbell logic is actually more of the reality than the doom and gloom expectation that is considered the proper norm?

What if much of this “stuff” that has been taught to us from the time that we were children was well-intentioned “bogus”? We’re good students, but isn’t it time that we can unleash some of the chains that no longer serve  us?

What if there really is no “secret” but what if the hints are all around us every day…every minute as if these hints were wrapped into the very oxygen of each moment and into the perspective of every waking glance….can we acclimate ourselves so that we rejoice and notice…?

And the baby calves leap and careen in the fields around us…the flowers surprise us with a bloom…and some solitary soul launches an app that inspires millions…what a world we live in…! Is life really so dire and has there ever been such a time of potential and opportunity?

I have been in a world where it seemed like everything was lined up “against me” and where the joke seemed to be on me…but the more that I live…the more that I learn…I find that perhaps that is not so….

So, dear friends, what if we relax a wee bit and take the exuberance of our childhood and simply take that power (because it is power) and wrap around it the wisdom of experience….what if we forgive ourselves the tears and focus instead upon the new ideas…what if we revel in the richness of each new decade…what if we bask in the depth of each emotion….what if we savor the sensuality of being truly and totally fallibly human….what if we suddenly gain peace with the concept of becoming part of a the great human masterpiece….

…what if we embrace the sensation of falling in love as actually the sensation of reuniting with ourselves…what if we can pause a moment and realize that the beauty of life’s “secret” is simply the world beckoning us to skip one beat…to realize that the difference between being “nowhere” and between being “now here” is simply one small space in time….

Take the leap….live your most delicious moment now….



Perhaps life really is about the "once upon a time"....

Perhaps life really is about the "once upon a time"....


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