Some Journeys May Lie Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

Hello, my dear sweet wonderful friends! Today, I call out to all of us who perhaps find ourselves more often in the poppy fields than actually on that Yellow Brick Road…Yes, I know…we are SUPPOSED to follow that windy, wiggly, weird little thing…I mean if a girl who surfs tornadoes, a lion who talks, a scarecrow who sings and a Tin Man who becomes a philosopher can do it, shouldn’t it be obviously simple?

So what is it with us? Why do we have to make a simple path SO DARN COMPLICATED?? (Do I sound fierce…maybe like the wicked witch or even like the fear inducing Wizard of Oz…. ha ha!) Well, here I smile and dance my way out from behind the curtain because you know what…? Today, I am rejoicing in the fact (yes, FACT) that FORTUNATELY the yellow brick road just isn’t for everyone. Ok, on some level, it might be easier to organize us all if we stuck to some basic rules and agreed to evaluate ourselves based on a generic set of qualities, but is it truly our predictability that makes our species so exciting?!

(Can you feel me smile again at this point?) Ok, so I have given myself away…you know what I think….BLAZE THOSE TRAILS… pick your favorite spot in the poppy field and dive on through…! Some folks might slumber, but so what if you do? Run, dance, play and set your sights on an evil witch or two…whatever makes your heart race…whatever makes you truly delight in being you…

Celebrate your uniqueness! Think great thoughts and dream great dreams! Live! Create and don’t let those weeds distract you! From weeds evolve wildflowers…free specks of bliss courtesy of this amazing planet Earth.

Yes, some might have you believe that our world is broken and that you in particular are flawed. I urge you to laugh and forge on—because there may be only one way down the Yellow Brick Road, but there are an infinite number of paths through the poppy field….claim one! BE one! Wear your best identity with pride… You are creating your own masterpiece. You can fly your own hot air balloon. And YOU, my dear, are your own HOME, so no need to click your sparkle shoes to get there.

From uniqueness not unlike your own came the greatness that created airplanes, electricity, highways and fine art. Go… use today to forge your own path forward. Go where your heart can create its perfect bouquet!

Yellow brick roads do make a mighty fine movie, but some folks just have to blaze right through the poppy fields….! Blaze on, my friends! The wind is at your back and the time is TODAY!

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