The Perfect Time to Be Alive!

Hello, my dear wonderful friends!…Isn’t it an amazingly perfect time to be alive?

I know..I know…there are those whose jaws would drop just to hear that I could possibly THINK such a thing–much less be willing to make that sort of statement….the customary headlines have gone to great lengths to make sure that I know that this planet is “overwhelmingly” infested with illness, murder, deceit, hopelessness, crime and even (God forbid) celebrity bad hair days–so based on the headlines, the question really should be why on Earth am I even still here??! Wink!

Yes, but….take a look around…ok, so there IS illness…there IS violence….there IS poverty…and yes, perhaps there truly are those of us who have magnificently awful “bad hair days”….and yet….those sneaky hints of “amazing-ness” abound…

…diseases that are being cured…wonderful forums for peace and awareness…the person in the grocery store line that just gives you a smile out of nowhere…our own ability to emerge from the storms within….we have computers that can quickly and easily connect each of us to the other so that we can not only observe our unique differences, but we can marvel at our similarities…as I read the post by fellow blogger Good Morning C-Town, I thought, “yes, how perfect that we all now have the chance to read these words from each others’ hearts and to see that maybe we are not all so different….maybe we are evolving in absolutely the perfect direction…maybe the days when we interacted on this planet as strangers  are now fading…maybe we are entering a new phase where we embrace the beauty of our gorgeous globe and interact as friends and extended family…maybe just maybe this is the dawning of the perfect moment to be alive….!” Progress begins with the desire to question and we are all super-charged with questions…. If there were no questions, there would be no desire to create. Can you feel it….?! The rumbling of creation….

So what if we don’t yet have a “perfect” planet (although maybe in its flaws lie its “perfection” because it DOES evoke amazing inspiration)…do we really want for it all to be “done” so that there is no reason for evolution? Isn’t it exciting to see our planet grow and blossom? Isn’t it phenomenal to see the new ideas that we each hatch on a daily basis? Isn’t it humbling to know that yes, you DO make a difference… you are part of this masterpiece…the world basks in each contribution that you make…each new phenomena that you inspire…Walk through this day as the grand creator that you are…and know that the world is honored that you are here. There is NO ONE—absolutely NO ONE like you…And there is no moment like the present to revel in all that it means to be ALIVE!

Time to take that moment to pinch yourself and do the full “tail in the air/ I learned this from my dog” happy dance! COWABUNGA, WORLD….HERE WE COME! We are artists of the Universe and we are here to create! Behold the masterpiece of our day!

6 thoughts on “The Perfect Time to Be Alive!

  1. Your writing is a delight!

    Perhaps you can add a subscriber widget so that we can subscribe and get a post emailed directly to us each time you write? I would like this and I bet others would too 🙂

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