THIS is how all happy endings begin!

Hello dear wonderful world and hello dear wonderful friends! Today I sit at my desk with mountains of “to-do’s” and all of that fun “pressure” that seems to come with most of our days…..

And yet, I can’t help but think…what IS my story? Why do we seem programmed to fear/expect “the worse” when chances are, we are on our way to the best parts of our life EVER? What if we KNEW that our lives will have “happy endings”? How would this day and all of its stresses look then?

Can you imagine the power? Can you imagine the energy behind each moment if you KNEW that this was all part of creating that wonderful finale to your monumental story? Why…isn’t it possible that today and all of its trials and tribulations might even be (yes…gasp) FUN??? What if today was all about the joy of discovering the idea that would push your life “over the top”? What if you knew that every crotchety personality that you encounter today was part of the secret formula for your success? What if there is no way that you can ever take the “wrong path” or make the “wrong decision”? What if it’s all totally rigged so that you reach your full potential and blaze forward into creation as the totally unique and wonderful YOU???

So maybe it’s time that we all pretend like we can jump to the “end” of our story and see the brilliance that we are headed for….! Why not seize our day with the gusto of our own inner superhero?! There have been many men and women who we now consider extraordinary who at one time were simply more faces in a crowd. Did they KNOW as they faced their “failures” and their challenges that they were destined for success? Probably not—but I would be willing to guess that they did BELIEVE that they had a shot….for isn’t it the belief that holds the key to our power….isn’t belief the “pen” on our paper—determining the story that we write for ourselves…?

So, today as we face our own challenges and our own pressures, let’s face them with the expectation of success. It’s time to let go of those old images of decline and pending failure and to now paint a “bigger picture” that is worthy of a gilded frame! Today is an opportunity….one of the great chapters in a great and wonderful tale! Live this page to your fullest! Believe in your happy ending and enjoy the “development of your character”! You ARE the hero in this story and maybe, yes, it IS all about you! Wink! So BE the star of this story like only you can be! Live it UP (not down) and give the world a story that makes you soar! You CAN do it. You ARE doing it! This is an invigorating day that brims with life and potential. Savor it. Bask in it and keep creating the next line…..and knowing that it will be WONDERFUL! Because isn’t this “once upon a time” how all of the best happy endings begin….?


A Fountain of Youth for the Soul…..

Ah, dear friends! The ebb and flow on this spiritual river is intoxicating…! And what a gorgeous morning…with a gorgeous blue sky waiting to be savored….the air so crisp and refreshing…! And, oooo, the clouds…. big, voluptuous and dramatic… how luscious to wake up to these beautifully painted walls…expressions of my inner soul reflected all around me… to the “smiling” perfect little faces of my darling dachsies… their fur… their vigor.. their hutzpa…!

I feel more of a connection with life and with people… I feel “close” to something wonderful although I am not sure exactly what that “wonderful something” will be…other than perhaps happiness…. there is still so much to figure out, but I am discovering that even in the midst of this journey, I can allow myself the privilege of being happy… I CAN relearn to expect the best… I can dip my toe into this pool and come out revived like the fountain of youth…

It can still feel “ok” to have areas of my life that still need work…that still need my energy… perhaps that is part of the fun and the inspiration…part of the reason for taking this trip along this path….

Life can still be successful without millions to show for it… life can be successful without statues crafted in my honor… I am learning that I can hold my head high simply because I am here…learning….dipping…diving…soaring…rafting the river whether the conditions are whitewater or calm…

And I can learn to expect tomorrow to be even more magnificent than today while still basking in this moment’s glory…. I can learn that the work in progress is a masterpiece in the making… and if I don’t ever declare it done, it will never be outdated…!

By gently and patiently, allowing myself to expand…by being willing to retrain my thoughts–which then re-sculpt my beliefs— I not only grow, I blossom… And as I blossom, more and more aspects of my life please me…

Yes, dear friends, let today be the day of “fountain dancing”…let us dive boldly into that fountain of new youth! Let us splash with pure abandon—the “abandon” to allow ourselves to joyously leave behind those old beliefs that say “you can’t”….the fears that anchor us to those disempowering perspectives…the habits that we created out of fear and doubt….

Yes, today, let’s dip into the resources of our soul and rekindle the organic power of our inner child…True, more time has passed so we are wiser–but instead of using that wisdom to squelch the fires of our youth, let’s INFUSE that wisdom into the coals of that passion and CREATE AN ENERGY that can power destinies!! Live on! Dance on! Today is a new day for the creating!

Can It Be That Those Rose Colored Glasses See Only What Is Real….?

Hello, dear wonderful world and hello dear wonderful friends! Today, I wake up as the person who I have always intended to be! Today I will dance like the music and my joy will never stop! Today, I give myself the freedom to love and laugh with no boundaries! Today, I will savor the diversity of life as I savor the wonderful bounty at the ultimate Crazy Buffet! Today, I can’t get it wrong! Today, I allow myself to trust with no disclaimers. Today, I become the ultimate parent to my own inner child! Today, I savor and taste all that I find delicious and I dream with the knowledge that all is possible! Today, I lovingly don the rose-colored glasses with the confident knowledge that what I see is indeed real. Today, I will look for more evidence of that which I hope to see and I will make much of everything wondrous that I do see! Today, I will rejoice that there is eternally more to be done, more to hope for, more to “achieve” because life is my playground and it is here for infinite years of playing! Today, I will make light of the journey, but travel with passionate intent. Today, I am a joyous, loving creator. Today, I share my journey with other joyous, loving creators–each with our own luscious gift of total freedom. Let us revel in this glorious co-creative dance and rejoice that we have been given such a golden ticket of opportunity! Whether you are one that adds the sparkle or one that helps to cut and shape the diamond, we love you and we appreciate you because YOU hold the key to the true majik of this planet! I, for one, am eternally appreciative of the opportunity to share this journey with all and to really truly BE HERE! Love to you all and Happy “MY TIME TO LOVE AND SHINE” Day! Make it the best day ever!

Do We Have To Be Extraordinary in Order to Be Amazing?

Hello dear wonderful world and hello dear wonderful friends! Today as I sit surrounded by the successes and the pressures of my day at work and the challenges that still lie ahead…the goals that still somehow remain unachieved… the temptation is to feel impatient…like I should be further ahead…what’s wrong with me…what’s the purpose of my life?…I came here intending to do something EXTRAORDINARY….

….I remember lying on the grass as a child staring up at the beautiful canvas of clouds and proudly proclaiming to the Universe, “I am a force to be reckoned with…! I am alive and I am unstoppable and I am going to do something TRULY AMAZING…!” And then as I grew, I looked around and I saw ALL OF THESE AMAZING PEOPLE….people who had survived life-defying challenges…people who created empires and amassed fortunes…heroes and superstars…even my own relatives seemed to “figure it out” and create lives that others agreed were definitely “successful”….so where did I fit in…? What sort of “great deed” would I do in order to achieve my success, amass millions and win my way into the history book of humanity…? It was staggeringly overwhelming….and so I drifted and wondered…and felt myself begin to doubt and to hide within….

And yet……

…..if we really LOOK at the world, doesn’t it beg to tell a different story…a new and more subtle fairy tale where the word “success” tickles our senses with new meaning….I bask in this beautiful night…exquisite in its moon, its chilling air and its dazzling canvas of stars….the luscious delicate drone of the rain on the roof and the pleasant hum of a car in the distance as it speeds through the puddles and zooms off into the distance…..and it strikes me….this night…so perfect and so glorious…does not demand that it stand out…it dazzles in its own beauty…serene in all that it is…the fact that my lifetime will see thousands of these masterpieces doesn’t diminish the amazingness of this moment….

….So my imagination begins to wander….what if each star could look down upon this planet and catch the brilliance of each of our unique little bits of radiance as individuals? What would they see? Would they scoff at those of us who have not yet earned our millions…or those of us who don’t have the quintessential tale to tale? Or would they stand in blissful awe captivated by the radiance of the most “boring” of us human creatures–mesmerized by the uniqueness and interwoven glory of the lives that we lead?

Let us live our days through the marveling eyes of our ever patiently evolving planet… Today, we don’t have to achieve the impossible in order to excel. Today, let us empower ourselves to explode with joy into each minute of our day….let us “knight” ourselves as the “secret heroes” of our personal Universe…the ones who can impact the most deliciously positive change simply by being human….we ARE the smile that lights up the morning for the stranger on the street…the laugh at the person who cuts us off in traffic when “all fairness” argues that they surely must deserve a glare…we ARE the hug that replenishes our loved ones when the world has beaten them down…we ARE the roar of the crowd that makes the Superbowl come alive…we are the perfect lunch that mom or dad made that somehow made it feel like the absolutely perfect day…we are the person that calls at exactly the right time…we are the champion who reaches the top of that insurmountable mountain…. we ARE the “hole in one”— even if no one else is there to see it….

Yes, we may not all catch the spotlight, but there is nothing ordinary about the level of AMAZING that we can achieve. Today, as you think about yourself, dazzle yourself in the shine of your awesomeness. You are the silent extraordinary ones–and because of you, those stars in the heaven can barely wait until it’s time….time to shine their dazzling eyes down upon you….to see the miracles that you have created in your day…to watch your evolving genius!

So go ahead….stretch out your arms and let out a resounding “Yippee!” Seize the day because YES…you ARE a force to be reckoned with! And the world is OH SO GLAD that you are here….! Dazzle! Bask and revel in the pure unsurpassed amazingness of the wonderful “ordinary” YOU!!!!

Hello dear world and hello dear friends….ok…so let’s venture into some of the more turbulent waters….let’s suppose that we are valiantly working toward our dreams, but it just feels like we keep hitting walls….we imagine…we think that we ask….and yet…we keep feeling like we are getting blind sided…and it gets exhausting… what is happening here???

Ok…even more irksome is that many of us know about thinking positively…the wonderful Law of Attraction and we think that we are getting better at using it but—wham— we keep getting hit with an iceberg….. it is hard to feel like it is all “working”… is hard to keep the faith and we sometimes just wonder if that stray negative thought has attracted this avalanche….Is it us? Are we flawed—or are we somehow the one person on the planet who this universal LAW seems to laugh at….

(You can tell that I have never had a day when I felt this way….!)

And the fear licks its chops and gets ready to pounce,  some odd newly awakened part of my mind takes a deep breath and simply steps out of the reach of this would-be mental predator… I remember….once upon a time, when another hot topic used to bring me such fear….but WAIT cries the old part of my mind…surely THIS scary thing is INFINITELY more potentially devastating than THAT old fear ever was…surely THIS ONE is the one that is going to GET YOU….

Well….maybe that is so, dear mind, (she sighs with a smile) but why does that fear and lack of faith suddenly feel so bad…so wrong…so off target….? And as I stretch forward and dip my toe into this new area of potential trust….as I explore how it feels to risk my faith on this deeper, darker, (and yes) scarier topic…I realize that I have no choice but to move forward. This is ME and I am growing…expanding and bursting new parts of my soul through the confines of my hard seed.

Am I afraid? Yes… Am I worried…? Yes, because those have been my habits…but am I courageous? Absolutely— because I want to LIVE… I want to THRIVE…I want…no I DEMAND…no… I will (gulp) trust and ALLOW myself to blossom into the me where this current fear can find no foothold….

And as I gently ease myself into my new moment, I notice…the world shines on! I am learning…I am vibrant and I am becoming a better me than I was moments ago. Yes, I can do this. I can take one step and then another. I can walk. I can run and yes, I can dance because I have the ability to dream…!

And so, my dear friends, as you face the stormy waters, BE the surfer. Play in the waves knowing that you will one day ride them. Look into the sunset and feel the glory that you will embrace when you achieve what you previously “knew” to be impossible…. Surf on!!!