Hello dear world and hello dear friends….ok…so let’s venture into some of the more turbulent waters….let’s suppose that we are valiantly working toward our dreams, but it just feels like we keep hitting walls….we imagine…we think that we ask….and yet…we keep feeling like we are getting blind sided…and it gets exhausting… what is happening here???

Ok…even more irksome is that many of us know about thinking positively…the wonderful Law of Attraction and we think that we are getting better at using it but—wham— we keep getting hit with an iceberg….. it is hard to feel like it is all “working”…..it is hard to keep the faith and we sometimes just wonder if that stray negative thought has attracted this avalanche….Is it us? Are we flawed—or are we somehow the one person on the planet who this universal LAW seems to laugh at….

(You can tell that I have never had a day when I felt this way….!)

And yet..as the fear licks its chops and gets ready to pounce,  some odd newly awakened part of my mind takes a deep breath and simply steps out of the reach of this would-be mental predator… I remember….once upon a time, when another hot topic used to bring me such fear….but WAIT cries the old part of my mind…surely THIS scary thing is INFINITELY more potentially devastating than THAT old fear ever was…surely THIS ONE is the one that is going to GET YOU….

Well….maybe that is so, dear mind, (she sighs with a smile) but why does that fear and lack of faith suddenly feel so bad…so wrong…so off target….? And as I stretch forward and dip my toe into this new area of potential trust….as I explore how it feels to risk my faith on this deeper, darker, (and yes) scarier topic…I realize that I have no choice but to move forward. This is ME and I am growing…expanding and bursting new parts of my soul through the confines of my hard seed.

Am I afraid? Yes… Am I worried…? Yes, because those have been my habits…but am I courageous? Absolutely— because I want to LIVE… I want to THRIVE…I want…no I DEMAND…no… I will (gulp) trust and ALLOW myself to blossom into the me where this current fear can find no foothold….

And as I gently ease myself into my new moment, I notice…the world shines on! I am learning…I am vibrant and I am becoming a better me than I was moments ago. Yes, I can do this. I can take one step and then another. I can walk. I can run and yes, I can dance because I have the ability to dream…!

And so, my dear friends, as you face the stormy waters, BE the surfer. Play in the waves knowing that you will one day ride them. Look into the sunset and feel the glory that you will embrace when you achieve what you previously “knew” to be impossible…. Surf on!!!


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