Can It Be That Those Rose Colored Glasses See Only What Is Real….?

Hello, dear wonderful world and hello dear wonderful friends! Today, I wake up as the person who I have always intended to be! Today I will dance like the music and my joy will never stop! Today, I give myself the freedom to love and laugh with no boundaries! Today, I will savor the diversity of life as I savor the wonderful bounty at the ultimate Crazy Buffet! Today, I can’t get it wrong! Today, I allow myself to trust with no disclaimers. Today, I become the ultimate parent to my own inner child! Today, I savor and taste all that I find delicious and I dream with the knowledge that all is possible! Today, I lovingly don the rose-colored glasses with the confident knowledge that what I see is indeed real. Today, I will look for more evidence of that which I hope to see and I will make much of everything wondrous that I do see! Today, I will rejoice that there is eternally more to be done, more to hope for, more to “achieve” because life is my playground and it is here for infinite years of playing! Today, I will make light of the journey, but travel with passionate intent. Today, I am a joyous, loving creator. Today, I share my journey with other joyous, loving creators–each with our own luscious gift of total freedom. Let us revel in this glorious co-creative dance and rejoice that we have been given such a golden ticket of opportunity! Whether you are one that adds the sparkle or one that helps to cut and shape the diamond, we love you and we appreciate you because YOU hold the key to the true majik of this planet! I, for one, am eternally appreciative of the opportunity to share this journey with all and to really truly BE HERE! Love to you all and Happy “MY TIME TO LOVE AND SHINE” Day! Make it the best day ever!

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