A Fountain of Youth for the Soul…..

Ah, dear friends! The ebb and flow on this spiritual river is intoxicating…! And what a gorgeous morning…with a gorgeous blue sky waiting to be savored….the air so crisp and refreshing…! And, oooo, the clouds…. big, voluptuous and dramatic… how luscious to wake up to these beautifully painted walls…expressions of my inner soul reflected all around me… to the “smiling” perfect little faces of my darling dachsies… their fur… their vigor.. their hutzpa…!

I feel more of a connection with life and with people… I feel “close” to something wonderful although I am not sure exactly what that “wonderful something” will be…other than perhaps happiness…. there is still so much to figure out, but I am discovering that even in the midst of this journey, I can allow myself the privilege of being happy… I CAN relearn to expect the best… I can dip my toe into this pool and come out revived like the fountain of youth…

It can still feel “ok” to have areas of my life that still need work…that still need my energy… perhaps that is part of the fun and the inspiration…part of the reason for taking this trip along this path….

Life can still be successful without millions to show for it… life can be successful without statues crafted in my honor… I am learning that I can hold my head high simply because I am here…learning….dipping…diving…soaring…rafting the river whether the conditions are whitewater or calm…

And I can learn to expect tomorrow to be even more magnificent than today while still basking in this moment’s glory…. I can learn that the work in progress is a masterpiece in the making… and if I don’t ever declare it done, it will never be outdated…!

By gently and patiently, allowing myself to expand…by being willing to retrain my thoughts–which then re-sculpt my beliefs— I not only grow, I blossom… And as I blossom, more and more aspects of my life please me…

Yes, dear friends, let today be the day of “fountain dancing”…let us dive boldly into that fountain of new youth! Let us splash with pure abandon—the “abandon” to allow ourselves to joyously leave behind those old beliefs that say “you can’t”….the fears that anchor us to those disempowering perspectives…the habits that we created out of fear and doubt….

Yes, today, let’s dip into the resources of our soul and rekindle the organic power of our inner child…True, more time has passed so we are wiser–but instead of using that wisdom to squelch the fires of our youth, let’s INFUSE that wisdom into the coals of that passion and CREATE AN ENERGY that can power destinies!! Live on! Dance on! Today is a new day for the creating!

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