THIS is how all happy endings begin!

Hello dear wonderful world and hello dear wonderful friends! Today I sit at my desk with mountains of “to-do’s” and all of that fun “pressure” that seems to come with most of our days…..

And yet, I can’t help but think…what IS my story? Why do we seem programmed to fear/expect “the worse” when chances are, we are on our way to the best parts of our life EVER? What if we KNEW that our lives will have “happy endings”? How would this day and all of its stresses look then?

Can you imagine the power? Can you imagine the energy behind each moment if you KNEW that this was all part of creating that wonderful finale to your monumental story? Why…isn’t it possible that today and all of its trials and tribulations might even be (yes…gasp) FUN??? What if today was all about the joy of discovering the idea that would push your life “over the top”? What if you knew that every crotchety personality that you encounter today was part of the secret formula for your success? What if there is no way that you can ever take the “wrong path” or make the “wrong decision”? What if it’s all totally rigged so that you reach your full potential and blaze forward into creation as the totally unique and wonderful YOU???

So maybe it’s time that we all pretend like we can jump to the “end” of our story and see the brilliance that we are headed for….! Why not seize our day with the gusto of our own inner superhero?! There have been many men and women who we now consider extraordinary who at one time were simply more faces in a crowd. Did they KNOW as they faced their “failures” and their challenges that they were destined for success? Probably not—but I would be willing to guess that they did BELIEVE that they had a shot….for isn’t it the belief that holds the key to our power….isn’t belief the “pen” on our paper—determining the story that we write for ourselves…?

So, today as we face our own challenges and our own pressures, let’s face them with the expectation of success. It’s time to let go of those old images of decline and pending failure and to now paint a “bigger picture” that is worthy of a gilded frame! Today is an opportunity….one of the great chapters in a great and wonderful tale! Live this page to your fullest! Believe in your happy ending and enjoy the “development of your character”! You ARE the hero in this story and maybe, yes, it IS all about you! Wink! So BE the star of this story like only you can be! Live it UP (not down) and give the world a story that makes you soar! You CAN do it. You ARE doing it! This is an invigorating day that brims with life and potential. Savor it. Bask in it and keep creating the next line…..and knowing that it will be WONDERFUL! Because isn’t this “once upon a time” how all of the best happy endings begin….?

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