Mud or Masterpiece?

Hello, dear wonderful friends! Happy May!! Ahhh, there is always the luster of a new month and with that luster shines the perfect opportunity to “recreate ourselves”. Time to dig our hands into the clay and sculpt the next masterpiece in our grand collection! YES… our hands will get dirty…and our focus must be open yet precise…YES, there will be aspects of this creation that does not please us, so, yes, there will be parts of this project that we will build only to take apart…we may pound it…we may caress it into place…but eventually, the artwork will stand….majestic…the beautiful offspring of heart, soul and the deliberate mind…..

Let’s dive into these days of spring with the renewed vigor and focus of a master creator! Let’s not lament the mud beneath our fingernails or the time required to transform that lump of clay (pun intended—wink!). Instead, let’s play with the joy of the artist…completely engaged in the eternal connection of this work in progress. Let’s banish our fears of getting it “wrong” because in art, there is only expression and unfolding….

Yes, let’s breathe deeply and see the world through our Michelangelo eyes… today we can choose….are we viewing the mud or the stone….or are we viewing the potential foundation to a masterpiece that will span into eternity…?

Maybe it’s the dirt beneath our nails that defines us as an artist….so dive in and get muddy!! The month is “yours” for the creating!! Happy May, all!

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