Happily Ever NOW…!

547799_10150999096686623_297850554_nHello beautiful world and hello beautiful planet! Today is the day that we decide how we will define ourselves…! Who are we? Yes, seriously…WHO ARE “WE”? When we think of ourselves, who do we see? Who do we expect? Who do we yearn to be–and who has convinced us that we are not that?

Are we holding close to us only the beliefs that fully serve us–or are we cluttering our “reality” boards with anchors that conquer and truly divide? Is our past a series of scarlet letters or is our past the pre-paver on the way to discovering electricity?

Is it not time to filter out the “bad code” and to reprogram ourselves with the best that our personal “technology” has to offer? Can we turn in the “old phones” and move on to the “smart ones”?

And so…if we were to wake up in the morning totally whole…totally full…who would we be…or more importantly, not how would others see us as, but how would we CHOOSE to define ourselves…for in that belief is the seeds of reality…

Dear World… (and sometimes dear “Whirled”, for what a whirlwind you are….!!!),

I woke up today to discover that I am limitless… I am funny too… I see joy in Life and I do make others laugh in the process…I am solid, buoyant and ready to tackle anything new…I thrive on freshness and I thrive on discovery…the world is my oyster…just when I think that I hit a brick wall, I discover a pearl…new things are always unfolding… I never get bored because I will never EVER be able to possibly conceive of getting everything done…I am excited by new possibilities…I thrive on learning and even on those dang “problems” that make me beat my head against the wall about 2 seconds before I dance in celebration at having found the solution…I love diversity…ok, it might temporarily annoy me until it inspires me to bask in all that I have—and then to bask again at the new thing that it has inspired me to imagine…and possibly to create…I am a creature that is always moving…I am like the most majestic of the waterfalls because I am truly magnificent in my power…I am loving and even when I criticize, my purpose is to create… I love beauty..and in loving beauty, I am learning to appreciate the beauty within myself…I am a believer…I see Life as an opportunity and a palate upon which to create…my family is amazing…so diverse yet so connected…my family consists of those who I was born among and those who have connected with me across the challenges of time and space…my family is those who would see me grow and those who inspire me…my riches are endless…my riches bask in my imagination and are limited only by my temporary beliefs….I am a work in progress and it is for this reason that I play on this Earth…

Ha ha!…Sounding a bit airy fairy…but who are we, dear friends…and isn’t it time that we allow ourselves to define who we are as we take the next step forward? Yes, we have been “programmed” and we have lugged along a heavy backpack of beliefs that don’t really serve us….but we are at the helm…tomorrow is a new day and WE (yes, WE) tell us where we are at the word “go”. Isn’t it time that we proudly wear the badges of the past well lived and tread enthusiastically into the “happily ever NOW” that is here at our fingertips…? “We can fly, we can fly, we can fly”….would Tinkerbell have believed any less…wink! So jump off the windowsill and be on with it….!

Believing is seeing, so embrace the believing and the rest will come…!

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