Sometimes the greatest inspiration comes not from the gurus but from those who we let inside our hearts…


Hello dear wonderful friends and hello dear beautiful Universe! It is easy to feel awe-inspired by the teachings of the great prophets and philosophers of our species…but perhaps (as Dorothy discovered) there are equally profound–albeit more subtle– sparks of genius in Kansas as there are in Oz.

…It is the ability of the “little people” in the world— our friends, our family, our loved ones, the random stranger— to impact us suddenly and profoundly that can inspire us to become all that we truly yearn to be and all that we ultimately are… it is the smile that comes at just the right moment… or the song that seems to speak to the question within… It is the touch that seems to soothe all sorrow… or the hug that says “yes, you can!”…! It is sometimes only the simple fact that our children believe that we can accomplish the “impossible” that we actually do….!

Our lives and experiences are sculpted by the hands of those champions that surround us–big AND small…those special people who allow us to reveal the hidden magic within ourselves

Today, instead of waiting for a new door to open, I celebrate the beauty of my own back yard…each and every flower…each singing bird…each blade of grass…each whisper of the wind… today, I celebrate the fellow humans that have helped transform what could have been a rock into a gem…those who have inspired me to see that hope is limitless and that imagination is eternal…. that love is infinite and that Life is ever more….(and more and more and more…)!

Today, I celebrate my family….my children…my oldest daughter as she approaches the glorious age of 23… as I look at the beauty within her face…as I stand aghast in awe at the brilliance, love and kindness that she radiates, I am reminded that sometimes the greatest inspiration comes not from those that we put on a pedestal but from those that we allow into our hearts…. in their richness, our souls can build that which we would call “home”…..!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes the greatest inspiration comes not from the gurus but from those who we let inside our hearts…

  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking a post. I am grateful for that, especially since that led to my discovering yours. This post was wonderful. All the best, Ann

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