Celebrate the Genius of this Uncompleted Journey!

Hello, hello dear wonderful friends! Wow, can you imagine a more phenomenal Sunday? The brilliant blue sky and poofy white clouds are so fresh and alive that it almost feels like the first day on Earth! The air is vibrant… the breeze caresses and teases… it is a day of promise and potential… it is the start to more “becoming”…more blossoming… more understanding…. the opportunity to be yet more of all that we are and all that we are yet to BE….

So, today, as we behold our surroundings with the eyes of a new day, let’s take a deep luxurious breath….soak in the moment….celebrate not only the luscious components of our “now”, but let’s look back with our “ener-joy” eyes and appreciate how truly far, far, far we each have come!

We began as babes….raw potential….little balls of hope, joy, enthusiasm and imagination….as we grew and observed, as we experienced the peaks and the plunges of our experience, we developed beliefs about the world….beliefs about our “progress”…. beliefs about everything from our own worthiness to our own “reality”. Perhaps in an intent to “protect” us or an intent to “point us in the right direction”, we were given guidelines for what constituted “success”… we were often lead to believe that “how far we have yet to go” far outweighs “how far we have come”… we have been trained to seek those peak moments in order to feel true self-worth… moments when we can proudly display the perfect credit rating, the perfectly decorated home, the Olympic gold medal, the ultimate promotion…the perfect this…the perfect that….a focus on the destination that can inadvertently rob us of the joy in the process….the beauty of the journey… the awe of our unfolding…..and the MAGNIFICENCE of this human being (YOU) who has created this wonderful work in progress….!

Yes, it can be true…our “well trained” minds can lead us along a path that can make us feel flawed…like the glass half empty….all too often when we think about how far we have come, we think about the steps along the way that “we should have done differently”….the dreams that still haven’t come to pass…in this fleeting moment of potential, rather than revel in our great leaps forward (and they are AMAZING LEAPS if you look at them), we can sometimes obsess instead with HOW MUCH FURTHER we “have” to go before we can “finally” allow ourselves license to be happy… all too often our minds can become the theater that plays the same saga on infinite repeat… a broken record reliving all those most intense times that we have endured, the betrayals, the disillusionments, the heartache, the “failures”…..

Yes, we can get on a mental roll that doesn’t lend power to our day, BUT……before we beat ourselves up TOO much for that silly ingrained habit, let’s rejoice in the fact that even this “non-serving” behavior is part of the miracle of our own creative process…!

Isn’t it true that when we REALLY fuss, we REALLY look for a way to find that happiness that we think that we are missing? We may yell and kick and scream and feel sorry for ourselves, but eventually, we start looking for solutions. Somehow these yucky feelings point the way and we start moving again…we start thinking…we start questing… we start opening up to new possibilities in our world….

Wasn’t it someone’s impatience with travel that lead to the genius strides forward in our transportation? Wasn’t it someone’s vision of a better way to access information that has given birth to these computers that we now access? Wasn’t it someone’s appreciation for generosity and greatness that lead to the creation of the Nobel Prize?

So, yes, dear friends, today let’s not only celebrate how far we have come, and the unequaled BEAUTY of where we ARE but let’s celebrate the genius of the “uncompleted journey”! As I sit here at my desk with the sound of my sweetheart listening to the news, I am in awe of the beauty of this journey. Here I sit with my world so different than what it was even one tiny year ago. The weeks fly by…new ideas…new wishes…new wonders…new things to reach for….with each challenge comes a possibility….Sometimes I confess I yearn for a bit more ease…sometimes more clarity… sometimes the things that I think that I want seem so far away…almost impossible to reach…. sometimes I feel fear and frustration… and yet, often…as I glide through those tumultuous oceans, I find the light house…the idea that guides me through my inner storm…I grow and I create and I BECOME something even bigger than I had been a moment before….

We are joyously AND PERFECTLY works in progress! That joyous enthusiasm….that breathless sense of invincibility that we experienced as a child…. that sense of thrill and “all-is-well-ness” that pours through us in those moments of success….ALL are waiting in the wings for us to access at any moment…! True, we are not who we were when we were young: WE ARE MORE! We are MORE knowledge, MORE wisdom, MORE aware of our loves and our preferences, MORE stimulated to BE who we have the potential to be, MORE packed with potential—thanks to ALL of the life that we have oh-so-deeply LIVED.

YES, there has been sublime joy! (Remember it!) Yes, there have been moments of anguish, but those are the rocket power to your desire to grow. Today, I urge you to join with me in celebrating the “small stuff”….the wonderful joy that I always feel in the morning when I am the recipient of the happy dance from my pups…. the strength in my body…the growth in my soul…. the PERFECT time of year when the weather is just so right… the sparkle in my lover’s eye…the memory of a compliment or a special joke…the feeling of family…. the exhilaration as I master a descent…the calmness when I used to panic…the faith that comes out of nowhere…the sweet feeling of success when I totally achieve….

Yes, let’s remember to revel in the power of celebration! Let’s give ourselves the license to laugh more, dance more, play more and bask in the feeling of bliss! Let’s remember to focus on the moment without the distraction of the destination…. Let’s smile at ourselves in the midst of our becoming and savor and enjoy…. We are “NOT DONE” yet, but “OH, THE PLACES WE WILL GO!” (Thank you, Dr. Suess!)

So….. tuck away that GPS for now, and dive deliciously and whole-heartedly into your journey knowing that you have your own INNER COMPASS and it is steering you WELL! Go forth and explore! Today is a frontier worth claiming as YOUR OWN! Happy Sunday, dear friends!!!


Take the Plunge!!!!

Hello dear wonderful friends! Wow! What a phenomenal weekend…ok…I know…by now that was days ago and yet….! I am still breathless!

The sky was PERFECT….big beautiful poofy clouds…the type of breeze that makes your skin tingle….it was one of those blissful mornings when my heart could barely keep pace with all of the delight that I was feeling….! YES!!!! Life was exquisite, but even more exquisite was that life was about to break through some boundaries, wrap me in adventure and take me on a journey….! And I had NO IDEA what I was in for!

In this case, Life’s mystic “guru” was called Ridgeline…. I know…it’s sounds unassuming enough but don’t let that fool you… this was THE TRAIL….the one that I had vowed that I would never attempt… I was secure in myself…no need to prove any absurd level of courageousness…I had “nothing to prove”… I was content in my own skin…. all true…..


I suppose that the little ripples of change began with the trail called the “Abyss”….yes, that sounds a bit more daunting, doesn’t it..ha ha, you have NO IDEA!!!… I rode into the Abyss like I have many times before…a bit nervous…sweaty palms….music discreetly pumping out of my pack….focused and “ready” for the obstacles that lay ahead….I had made a slight adjustment in the height of my seat and I was feeling the new alignment and harmony… balance…a feeling of a strong center….and my mind was alive with “deliberate intent”…..

The start of the trail is actually interesting and in some ways, it’s the part of the trail that gives me the most jolt of my nerves…it is nerve-wrackingly narrow (with a “lovely ravine”—gulp– to the right), bumpy…strewn with boulders, roots, twists, dips and climbs…. none of the “OMG hold on for dear life” drops…. just those subtle constant jolts of stress… yes, if the drops are the jawbreakers in this candy store, these would be the sour ball “Warheads” that make even your tiniest cells feel like they are puckering!

On this morning, however, there was FLOW…. that magical “weeeee” sort of energy (ha ha…in some cultures, they call it chi or ki….. I call it my “weeeeeeeee” factor…. and when there is “weeeeeee”, there is always oneness…wink…..double entendre DEFINITELY intended….)….down I sailed into the Abyss….noticing the rocks and the boulders, but feeling the charge of exhilaration! It was the perfect genius moment of harmony between human, nature and “machine”…..

In total elation, I thrust forward up the first incline…crested the top, sharp turn (watch out for that TREEEEE) then SAILED DOWN…..over the roots, over the rocks, more roots, more rocks…terrific speed…then up, up UP the incline….eyes alert….looking forward… marking the path between (are you kidding???) MORE OMINOUS looking roots (and boulders, and rocks….hee hee…pant…wheeze…such is the life of a mountain biker)….pedal, pedal, PEDAL…..!!!….YES!!!…..soaring to the top with pure and definite WEEEEEEEE! Sailing through nature…so in sync with the energy….whooping and crowing, “I love this trail! I love this bike! I love this life!”….and yes, it was time for a very loud WEEEEEEEEE! (Although the other bikers must think I’m nuts, it is a very functional way to keep the alligators at bay….I hope….! Wink!)

A clean ride through North Abyss!!! I finished the trail!

…And oddly enough, it had been exhilarating and tough, but I felt suddenly a strong sense of PURE EASE. I felt GOOOOOOODDDDD! And in that moment, the “me” that I had been as I started that trail changed….. I became a bit “more” and that “more” inspired me to desire (yes….REALLY?? ARE YOU SURE—says my logical brain…) to face the always feared and previously ogreish Ridgeline trail…..

It was time…. not because I had to, but because I sensed that now it would bring me joy… it would guide me to new frontiers within myself that I was now ready to allow and to embrace… I was ready to expand……terrified (said my logical brain) but confident (said my soul….)…

Into the dreaded Ridgeline trail, I rode…and yes, my heart was pumping…. the unfamiliar hills seemed definitely higher and the drops were HOLY MOLEY NOT QUITE WEEEEE BUT I’M DOING IT….Wow!…. no place for the old me who claimed that vertigo was an issue…..just ride…. no time to wonder if I could do it….just KNOW that you can…. KNOW that you are ready….. up….down….over….and around….on…and…on…AND ON… the challenges seem to go….and then…..suddenly…..MADE IT….here come’s the “weeeeeeeeeee”! So alive….panting….but so empowered…….!

And as I stood there….worn but blissful, this dear park smiled at me and whispered and said, “so it is with Life, dear one….the bliss is in the journey…it is the boulders, the roots and the drops that create the thrill of the ride, so remember to sit back, focus, relax and savor the adventure. TAKE THE PLUNGE! That’s where the true ‘weeeeeeeee’ lies……”

Wishing you all a marvelous day of sweet “wweeeeeeeeeeee”…… May the boulders and drops in your path create the most sublime of adventures! Are you ready to feel that wind in your face???