The sun, the moon and the secret of the perfect parent…

Indonesia sunset 2014

Hello dear beautiful world! Hello dear beautiful planet! Today I celebrate the art of amazing parenting… the art of dancing with one’s child on far away beaches… the art of capturing dragons in the clouds and of counting all of the colors in one small spec of this abundant Universe…. today, I celebrate the ones that will struggle bravely next to their eternally buoyant wee one as they hike through the darkness in pursuit of that one magical sunrise… the ones that will listen to endless recounting of dreams… the endless belief in possible impossibilities… endless hopes… endless pleasures… the ones that embrace the energy… the passion and even the heartache… today I celebrate the parent that will brave it all to keep their child’s hope and imagination thriving… the parent that will say, “of course you can” and “aren’t you amazing?”…. Today I celebrate all that lies within each of us that allows us to be the perfect parent to the child within…..

Much love and power to the perfect parent that is you!




Time to Make Waves–and to Embrace the Waves That Are Headed Your Way…!


Life’s a beach… a lovely vision…. but without the waves, our beautiful oceans would be simply a bunch of very large bodies of stagnant waters…..

…So, whether you are building sand castles or playing in the surf, make a big splash with your day! Revel in your ability to make waves and to add to the majesty of our great ocean of humanity. Your unique “flow” of energy and ideas contribute in profound ways to the mightiness of eternity…!

“Ride” Each Moment With Glorious Abandon!

A fall is just a spontaneous moment of unexpected flight before you hit new ground….wink!

Yes, that was the lesson of the Universe as I found myself yesterday suspended in an unexpected “flyover” (that moment when you find yourself in mid-flip over the handlebars waiting to see where you will land…). We were within the final 5 miles of our ride… since turnout was a bit low, we had been grouped with some of the most accomplished riders in the club, so this ride had quickly evolved into one of the fastest rides ever … it was an absolutely GLORIOUS day…PERFECT weather…beautiful clouds…the terrain was windy with quite a few (pant, wheeze, pant) hills to climb…the sand could be quite thick and treacherous but we were CRUISING!! I was feeling good….no, I was feeling GREAT!!

It was one of those riveting moments when you realize that you have grown… you have blossomed into something more… you have become an even better version of you…. in this case, I realized that I have really become an infinitely rider than I had been even a year ago. Even the more advanced riders were commenting about it… I was zooming and loving it….!!

We had just stopped for a quick decision at a fork in the road then hopped back on our bikes for a rather sharp decline… I began to hear a lot of the guys ahead of me jokingly saying “weeee weeeee” and then there “it” was… the Universe’s little joie du jour for me… hee hee… It came in the form of a rather pronounced series of roots/small logs embedded in the path that created  a series of steps in the middle of a pretty fast descent… even without any additional dimensions to the challenge, it would have been tricky to navigate at that speed, but couple it with the patch of deep sand in between the roots and well….I was suddenly in flight feeling like Mary Poppins…. “practically perfect”, with heavy emphasis in this case on “practically”…..!

Interestingly enough though, in spite of the rather large new bruises…in spite of the wee bit of blood…my desire was to hop immediately on my bike and fly even faster…. so that’s what I did…! Amazingly, I even managed to catch back up with the guys who were the faster riders… my mind, my body and my bike became one… I was exhausted, but I was elated… there was a rhythm and a rightness to each obstacle…and a glory in each tiny achievement… the moment was in no way about having fallen… it became totally about having bounced up and moved forward with new drive and new determination…

As I pulled into the parking lot suddenly noticing that I was the lone “B-” rider still with the “B/B+” pack, it struck me that the glory of the adventure had not been eroded by the fall. Instead, the glory of the success had been enhanced with the discovery that not only can we get up when we fall, it can be these falls that add to our momentum. Yes, for a moment as I flew through the air, the wind had literally been at my back— and before my feet even touched the ground (or should I say, my back, my shoulders, my legs…BIG THUMP!! HA HA…), my spirit had decided that I wasn’t going to lose that sense of wondrous flight just because I took a momentary hit….

With a smile and a wee bit of drama, our dear Mother Earth sent me out the door to play…saying “jump in those puddles”, “run down those hills”… “fall down every now and again–it’s good for the spirit”…” because in these challenges lie the promise that not only do you have the strength to get up, you have the tenacity to create “more”…the bubbling desire to dream more….to love more….to live more….and more and more and more…

Life is as much as the glory of being thrown over the handlebars as it is about the victory of the finish! If today is a day when you get thrown, so be it! Grab that bike and race on forward…. And even if you are alone in the forest, remember that you always have your own mighty voice to cheer yourself on… wink!

Winks and Nods,



Could That Super Hero Really Be You?

Flying High Doesn't Always Require Wings!

Be the Hero in Your Own Fairytale!!

The greatest heroes of the greatest stories were often armed with little more than their imagination and their determination….often they even lacked courage and knowledge…and yet somehow, they managed not only to succeed but to save the world in the process of doing so….

It can be tempting to chide ourselves for not being good enough…or powerful enough…or beautiful enough or just plain great enough to play the lead in our own fairy tale…and yet, here we are…cast in that role wondering what on earth the producers were thinking…??

Well, the truth be told, do we really need wings to soar?… or does that superhero cape really have to be magical? We believe that the magical creatures look like elves or unicorns only because we have been taught to believe that they couldn’t possibly look like us…or even if they looked like us, they couldn’t possibly ACT like us—could they? The “real” super heroes do leap tall buildings and yield amazing forces… they don’t make car payments or get stuck in traffic…or gain a few pounds when they dine on chocolate…

But really, who made those “rules” and are you obligated to believe that?? Take back your power, dear wonderful friends—and BE the leading character in your own oh-so-brilliant story! Of course there will be adventure…and possibly danger… there will be some villains and some that you love…you will quest and appear to “fail” at times, but that is what makes the story so intoxicating…so impossible to put down…

Be proud of the character that you create because the face of the mightiest hero could easily be your own! Grab a cape and perhaps even a shopping cart (if that happens to be your chariot du jour)… but most of all, grab your joy with all of your boldness–and dare to BELIEVE! Start “writing” your perfect tale…. You are absolutely EVERYTHING that a true “hero” should be… you are every bit as magical even without the wand…

You don’t have to be “super-human” to play the leading role in this engrossing tale…you just have to dive head over heels into fully and blissfully BEING YOU! So go get started… there is fairy dust to start sharing…! Wink!



The Secret of Successful People…


What do all great successful people have in common? … Days, weeks, months, years before their successes became evident, these same people woke up in the morning to the “reality” that these (soon-to-be achieved) goals/ hopes/ bucket lists were still “just” dreams…. Had they passively filed them away as “unrealistic” because they did not already “exist”, they would have remained “just dreams”….

So nurture each and every one of your dreams for they mold and sculpt your today—as well as your tomorrow. Don’t wait until they are “real” until you believe in them. Believe in them NOW… live them with gusto NOW… treat them like one of the most valued aspects of who you are…because you never know which one of these dreams will surprise you and one day catapult you to the day when they are no longer “just dreams” but an obvious, fully manifested, “wow-can-this-really-be-me” type of success.

Do not wait to “live the dream”. It doesn’t get any more potentially real than what we dare to imagine!



Sometimes the greatest inspiration comes not from the gurus but from those who we let inside our hearts…


Hello dear wonderful friends and hello dear beautiful Universe! It is easy to feel awe-inspired by the teachings of the great prophets and philosophers of our species…but perhaps (as Dorothy discovered) there are equally profound–albeit more subtle– sparks of genius in Kansas as there are in Oz.

…It is the ability of the “little people” in the world— our friends, our family, our loved ones, the random stranger— to impact us suddenly and profoundly that can inspire us to become all that we truly yearn to be and all that we ultimately are… it is the smile that comes at just the right moment… or the song that seems to speak to the question within… It is the touch that seems to soothe all sorrow… or the hug that says “yes, you can!”…! It is sometimes only the simple fact that our children believe that we can accomplish the “impossible” that we actually do….!

Our lives and experiences are sculpted by the hands of those champions that surround us–big AND small…those special people who allow us to reveal the hidden magic within ourselves

Today, instead of waiting for a new door to open, I celebrate the beauty of my own back yard…each and every flower…each singing bird…each blade of grass…each whisper of the wind… today, I celebrate the fellow humans that have helped transform what could have been a rock into a gem…those who have inspired me to see that hope is limitless and that imagination is eternal…. that love is infinite and that Life is ever more….(and more and more and more…)!

Today, I celebrate my family….my children…my oldest daughter as she approaches the glorious age of 23… as I look at the beauty within her face…as I stand aghast in awe at the brilliance, love and kindness that she radiates, I am reminded that sometimes the greatest inspiration comes not from those that we put on a pedestal but from those that we allow into our hearts…. in their richness, our souls can build that which we would call “home”…..!

Happily Ever NOW…!

547799_10150999096686623_297850554_nHello beautiful world and hello beautiful planet! Today is the day that we decide how we will define ourselves…! Who are we? Yes, seriously…WHO ARE “WE”? When we think of ourselves, who do we see? Who do we expect? Who do we yearn to be–and who has convinced us that we are not that?

Are we holding close to us only the beliefs that fully serve us–or are we cluttering our “reality” boards with anchors that conquer and truly divide? Is our past a series of scarlet letters or is our past the pre-paver on the way to discovering electricity?

Is it not time to filter out the “bad code” and to reprogram ourselves with the best that our personal “technology” has to offer? Can we turn in the “old phones” and move on to the “smart ones”?

And so…if we were to wake up in the morning totally whole…totally full…who would we be…or more importantly, not how would others see us as, but how would we CHOOSE to define ourselves…for in that belief is the seeds of reality…

Dear World… (and sometimes dear “Whirled”, for what a whirlwind you are….!!!),

I woke up today to discover that I am limitless… I am funny too… I see joy in Life and I do make others laugh in the process…I am solid, buoyant and ready to tackle anything new…I thrive on freshness and I thrive on discovery…the world is my oyster…just when I think that I hit a brick wall, I discover a pearl…new things are always unfolding… I never get bored because I will never EVER be able to possibly conceive of getting everything done…I am excited by new possibilities…I thrive on learning and even on those dang “problems” that make me beat my head against the wall about 2 seconds before I dance in celebration at having found the solution…I love diversity…ok, it might temporarily annoy me until it inspires me to bask in all that I have—and then to bask again at the new thing that it has inspired me to imagine…and possibly to create…I am a creature that is always moving…I am like the most majestic of the waterfalls because I am truly magnificent in my power…I am loving and even when I criticize, my purpose is to create… I love beauty..and in loving beauty, I am learning to appreciate the beauty within myself…I am a believer…I see Life as an opportunity and a palate upon which to create…my family is amazing…so diverse yet so connected…my family consists of those who I was born among and those who have connected with me across the challenges of time and space…my family is those who would see me grow and those who inspire me…my riches are endless…my riches bask in my imagination and are limited only by my temporary beliefs….I am a work in progress and it is for this reason that I play on this Earth…

Ha ha!…Sounding a bit airy fairy…but who are we, dear friends…and isn’t it time that we allow ourselves to define who we are as we take the next step forward? Yes, we have been “programmed” and we have lugged along a heavy backpack of beliefs that don’t really serve us….but we are at the helm…tomorrow is a new day and WE (yes, WE) tell us where we are at the word “go”. Isn’t it time that we proudly wear the badges of the past well lived and tread enthusiastically into the “happily ever NOW” that is here at our fingertips…? “We can fly, we can fly, we can fly”….would Tinkerbell have believed any less…wink! So jump off the windowsill and be on with it….!

Believing is seeing, so embrace the believing and the rest will come…!

The Flow-ers of Earth’s Secret Garden

Hello dear wonderful friends and hello dear wonderful universe! Today I sit in appreciation of this moment in time…the air so cool and crisp that its cold beauty dazzles like diamonds… The hum of the frig drones like a distant organ lulling me into a sense of extended peace…the song of a solitary bird chirps in delight as its voice serenades the brilliant blue sky…now the crescendo of an approaching jet….a spontaneous symphony of Life complete with a kaleidoscope of colors, textures and eternal “be-ing”.

All the world at this moment seems to beckon me toward “the blossoming”… The moment when I embrace all that I am, all that I have already been, and all that I am yet to become…. When the momentum of my life and my thoughts and my feelings converge into a tsunami of sparkling “me”-ness… When I am truly “in the flow” of my true potential and bathing in this fountain where the idealistic energy of youth meets the tempered wisdom of maturity…

Yes, dear friends, today the world invites us to become “the flow-ers” in this secret garden that some might even call Eden. The more diverse the variety of blooms, the more spectacular is the vision. Be the rose! Be the violet! Be the sunflower or the cactus bloom! Be the blossom that has never been seen in this garden before!

The Universe schools us with many forms of beauty and success. Some like the mountains take millions of years to evolve and they endure great change. Others like the firefly are brilliant in their brief moment to shine. There is no one perfect model nor one definition of success. All seem to require contrast in order to thrive in its full glory. Days of rain…days of sunshine…even hurricane and fire sculpt the complexion of our mighty planet. The genius is in the harmony of the vibrant “now” moment with the ever evolving “eternity”. Billions of beings simultaneously adding their essence to the richness of one orbiting globe…

So here we stand caught (or reveling in) our own tiny moment. What will define us–or better yet, how will we define ourselves? Are we a collection of hurricanes and hardships–or are we the glistening beaches and the sunsets so spectacular that they take our breath away?

…Or perhaps we too are a microcosm where there will be wind, rain and times of devastation but perhaps it is the combination of these moments of both hardship and glory that creates the masterpiece that we call Life. It is this harmony of sun and rain that within which lies the secret to our well being.. Yes we “flow” … We become… But this is how we come to know and to fully embrace the meaning and potential value of the entity that we call “I”.

May this be a day when you are reveling in the “I” of your (yes it is) PERFECT storm!


Discovering the secrets of the “You-niverse”…


Hello dear friends and hello, beautiful world! Today, I sit surrounded by the perfect harmony of chaos and perfection….the sky was brilliant…the clouds couldn’t have been more poofy…life dazzled and glowed in an amazing brilliance…the wind…the sun…the scent of a world still expanding….a world at full orbit…and how it does spin….!

It seems at times that we have been programed to weep at the “yet undelivered”…the “imperfections” in ourselves and in our world….and yet…isn’t it the lure of the “almost”…the  tantalizing presence of the surprise that is “just around the corner” that makes our hearts skip a beat?…. Isn’t it the wonder of a new discovery that arises out of the ashes of “disaster” that makes us leap tall buildings in celebration of the magnificence of all that we have become…isn’t it sometimes our harshest moments that let us come face to face with that which we truly desire…isn’t it the plunge that most quickly leads us to embrace the core that points to who we truly are….

As I pulled into the driveway tonight and stepped out of the car, I was gripped in the perfection of the instant…the diamond-like chill was pure and yet all embracing…the stars pierced through the day’s distractions with the powerful call of a Universe whose sky is often to be seen but never to be repeated….and I knew that I was MEANT to be here….right now…as me…with every component of my kaleidoscope whirling into play…

Look at our marvelous planet, dear friends…breathe it in…we are a heavenly concoction of tastes and textures…visions…desires..quests…dreams…challenges…and indeed miracles…we stumble..then we rise and we create…we question our purpose…we question the meaning….and then without quite realizing… we redefine eternity…just by being…just by living…just by asking…just by being alive…

And so…it stands to be said…isn’t the “meaning” of it all simply the beauty of learning to be you…yes, REALLY you… the “good, the bad and the ugly”…. the gift is in the opportunity to evolve…to create a new moment now irrelevant of the moments that came before or of the moments that will follow…the “meaning” is the gift of being allowed to “stumble”…to “botch it up”…to cry…to question…to love…to change…to see….to dream…to aspire…to ‘never get it done”….to be as stern or as silly as you wish…to learn….as bright or as boring as you heart tells you to be… maybe the “meaning” is simply to leave your own very unique and important thumbprint on this tiny world…

Without you…nothing would be quite the same…so….what are you going to do with your moment…your uniqueness…your meager hundred years to dance on this stage….to draw on this palate….how do you wish to remember this moment….isn’t it time to touch the true fabric of all that it means to be (yes) truly and intoxicatingly human…..? 

A drop of sunshine…!

Excited to start the day! And is anyone else noticing that although there is still lots of complaining that surrounds us on virtually all topics, there is a growing “new breed” of optimists…more and more people seem to be understanding just how empowering it can be to identify the possible within the impossible. Isn’t it often those aggravating obstacles (and even those “irritating people” and “overwhelming challenges”) that inspire us to more clarity and action? Our diversity as a species and our desire to improve our world is our strength…SO glad to see more people appreciating it! Savor this day, all! It is the only time that we will live it!