Lessons from an eternal planet….

Hello, dear global friends! How is it possible for one tiny planet to humble me so…? Today the wild flowers that grew on the side of the road were so purple and perfect that they should have stopped traffic. The clouds were so buoyant and full as they nestled against the perfect blue sky that the planet seemed to suspend its orbit in order to support the vastness of its beauty. A cluster of four young calves nestled in the cool grass with an air of excitement and newness that almost took my breath away. A European couple asked me to take their photo and it was as if we had known each other for years almost instantly. This is a world that gives me an infinite array of berries (and that has inspired humanity to invent blenders so that I can turn those berries into a succulent array of smoothies)…grocery stores brimming with foods for all tastes and preferences…colors, textures, sights and sounds… this is a world where I can play in spin class at the age of 51 or dance to Shakira when no one is looking~~ this is a world of waterfalls, mountains, oceans and even coffee shops~~ This is a world where I can fall in love when a moment earlier, I was feeling swallowed up in solitude~~~ what a crazy blissful and DELICIOUS mixture! This is a world where we get to experience all variations of joy and, yes, heartache (which often then pushes us closer to “better” love). This is a world of eternal discovery and invention. This is a world where true smiles always seem to give us butterflies. It’s a world where thousands of strangers can unite to cheer on a sports team. It’s a world where someone who moments earlier truly doubted their own worth can be inspired to heroism and to charity when the moment of need calls. It’s a world where the smile of a baby or the wag of a tail from one’s family dog can make all of the stresses of the world seem suddenly trivial and totally surmountable. It’s a world where we are given the privilege of discovering who we are and in the process we perhaps discover who we wish to become. It’s a world of magic where coincidences and serendipity encourage us to spread our wings and to “believe” in the impossible. It’s a world that kindly encourages us to grow and to design and to create. On one tiny planet we evolve into something that surpasses anything that could previously have been imagined.  So, my prayer for this planet, is that we revel in the genius of this playground. Like an itch that must be scratched, with each problem that we perceive is birthed this delicious calling to move further and to create! My prayer is that we rejoice in the perfection of this planet. My prayer is that we delight in the possibility of all that we have yet to create! My prayer is that in spite of the challenges that are so publicized that we will see the magnificence of our Mother Earth. We are so blessed and if we relax our eyes into appreciating the beauty of each day, we suddenly see even the tiny spider webs that are woven between the blades of grass with each mornings’ dew. And in this perfection, there is suddenly nothing that isn’t possible on such a magnificent planet…..! What a gift it is to be a part of this unfolding….! Wishing you the gift of beholding your own exquisiteness, my friends!


Living Life as a Champion!

Hello dear wonderful world! Hello my dear wonderful friends of the planet! Let today be about learning to be a champion~~ champion to one’s loved ones~~ champions to one’s colleagues ~~ champions to our planet and champions to our own souls~~ champions to the “strangers” we pass on the street~~ let us delight in showering them with random aren’t-you-magnificent smiles and watch them sparkle! Let us delight as they then sprinkle that joyous fairy dust of unconditional, “unearned” love to other “strangers” along their voyage.

Like a galaxy of dandelion seedlings, let us spread our joy and love and positive belief across our magical little planet so that they may take hold and bloom. We may be wildflowers, but beautiful and hearty are we! Courageous and ever blooming—unconditional in our choice of soil, be it garden or roadway~~ ever and always heading upward toward the sun and the Heavens.

My belief is that before those who we consider the mightiest discovered their own strength, SOMEONE believed in them~~~ someone was their champion. Someone helped them to unearth all that they could be—no matter the number of stumbles. The belief and KNOWING of this champion was so complete that before long the mighty one began to see and BELIEVE their own mightiness~~ and in believing in their own mightiness, they soared and soared AND SOARED~~ and in their soaring, they inspired more “mere mortals” to new heights and the world grew and grew and GREW.

So let us all be champions for each other and for ourselves. And as we thrive in our believing, imagine the GREAT HEIGHTS of humanity that we will see~~ all the “miracles” that we can evoke! As we draw out the best in ourselves and in each other~ as we learn to expect from our planet all that we would have it be, surely we will find that we indeed are walking the fields of heaven ~~ complete blissful harmony between humanity and Mother Earth ~~ that is my dream ~~ that is my wish ~~ that is my focus. How joyous to think that this vision begins with just one~~ let us each be that one champion that starts the unfolding! Happy Spring, dear ones!

“Shine On You Crazy Diamond”

Hello my dear, dear global friends~~ savor this sweet, sweet moment in all of our lives ~~ we are vibrant, we are alive and we are questing ~~ we are all that life is about ~~ we are each and every molecule! In our challenges, in our frustrations, we are the Universal heartbeat. We are magnificence at its most radiant and supreme. Life is not about “getting it right”, but rather about letting its life-giving energy pulse through our hearts, pulse through our veins, pulse through our dreams ~~ WE CREATE ETERNITY simply by the fact that we will never let “it” end. We yearn, we desire, we plead, we even cry…. but were it not for these tears, there would be no need for tomorrow. Were it not for our ideas and creativity, there would be no future….We are on a magnificent voyage together ~~ we are artists ~~ we are dancers ~~ we are great explorers ~~ we shape the future as we savor our way through the present ~~ we are anything but alone ~~ we are human and THAT is the greatest gift that we can have inherited ~~ to see the world not through the eyes of perfection, but through the eyes of possibility, that is not only my dream, but my vision ~~  This is our moment and oh, is it ever worth the birthing!!!” Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your soul. And love this planet because there is genius in even the most frustrating of moments. We are jewels in a magnificent crown ~~ so bask in your beauty and let your sparkle shine! And shine and shine and shine! We truly already live in “Heaven”— even if we fondly call this little planet simply Earth~~ xxxxx

(title courtesy of Pink Floyd…. wink!)

Take the Plunge!!!!

Hello dear wonderful friends! Wow! What a phenomenal weekend…ok…I know…by now that was days ago and yet….! I am still breathless!

The sky was PERFECT….big beautiful poofy clouds…the type of breeze that makes your skin tingle….it was one of those blissful mornings when my heart could barely keep pace with all of the delight that I was feeling….! YES!!!! Life was exquisite, but even more exquisite was that life was about to break through some boundaries, wrap me in adventure and take me on a journey….! And I had NO IDEA what I was in for!

In this case, Life’s mystic “guru” was called Ridgeline…. I know…it’s sounds unassuming enough but don’t let that fool you… this was THE TRAIL….the one that I had vowed that I would never attempt… I was secure in myself…no need to prove any absurd level of courageousness…I had “nothing to prove”… I was content in my own skin…. all true…..


I suppose that the little ripples of change began with the trail called the “Abyss”….yes, that sounds a bit more daunting, doesn’t it..ha ha, you have NO IDEA!!!… I rode into the Abyss like I have many times before…a bit nervous…sweaty palms….music discreetly pumping out of my pack….focused and “ready” for the obstacles that lay ahead….I had made a slight adjustment in the height of my seat and I was feeling the new alignment and harmony… balance…a feeling of a strong center….and my mind was alive with “deliberate intent”…..

The start of the trail is actually interesting and in some ways, it’s the part of the trail that gives me the most jolt of my nerves…it is nerve-wrackingly narrow (with a “lovely ravine”—gulp– to the right), bumpy…strewn with boulders, roots, twists, dips and climbs…. none of the “OMG hold on for dear life” drops…. just those subtle constant jolts of stress… yes, if the drops are the jawbreakers in this candy store, these would be the sour ball “Warheads” that make even your tiniest cells feel like they are puckering!

On this morning, however, there was FLOW…. that magical “weeeee” sort of energy (ha ha…in some cultures, they call it chi or ki….. I call it my “weeeeeeeee” factor…. and when there is “weeeeeee”, there is always oneness…wink…..double entendre DEFINITELY intended….)….down I sailed into the Abyss….noticing the rocks and the boulders, but feeling the charge of exhilaration! It was the perfect genius moment of harmony between human, nature and “machine”…..

In total elation, I thrust forward up the first incline…crested the top, sharp turn (watch out for that TREEEEE) then SAILED DOWN…..over the roots, over the rocks, more roots, more rocks…terrific speed…then up, up UP the incline….eyes alert….looking forward… marking the path between (are you kidding???) MORE OMINOUS looking roots (and boulders, and rocks….hee hee…pant…wheeze…such is the life of a mountain biker)….pedal, pedal, PEDAL…..!!!….YES!!!…..soaring to the top with pure and definite WEEEEEEEE! Sailing through nature…so in sync with the energy….whooping and crowing, “I love this trail! I love this bike! I love this life!”….and yes, it was time for a very loud WEEEEEEEEE! (Although the other bikers must think I’m nuts, it is a very functional way to keep the alligators at bay….I hope….! Wink!)

A clean ride through North Abyss!!! I finished the trail!

…And oddly enough, it had been exhilarating and tough, but I felt suddenly a strong sense of PURE EASE. I felt GOOOOOOODDDDD! And in that moment, the “me” that I had been as I started that trail changed….. I became a bit “more” and that “more” inspired me to desire (yes….REALLY?? ARE YOU SURE—says my logical brain…) to face the always feared and previously ogreish Ridgeline trail…..

It was time…. not because I had to, but because I sensed that now it would bring me joy… it would guide me to new frontiers within myself that I was now ready to allow and to embrace… I was ready to expand……terrified (said my logical brain) but confident (said my soul….)…

Into the dreaded Ridgeline trail, I rode…and yes, my heart was pumping…. the unfamiliar hills seemed definitely higher and the drops were HOLY MOLEY NOT QUITE WEEEEE BUT I’M DOING IT….Wow!…. no place for the old me who claimed that vertigo was an issue…..just ride…. no time to wonder if I could do it….just KNOW that you can…. KNOW that you are ready….. up….down….over….and around….on…and…on…AND ON… the challenges seem to go….and then…..suddenly…..MADE IT….here come’s the “weeeeeeeeeee”! So alive….panting….but so empowered…….!

And as I stood there….worn but blissful, this dear park smiled at me and whispered and said, “so it is with Life, dear one….the bliss is in the journey…it is the boulders, the roots and the drops that create the thrill of the ride, so remember to sit back, focus, relax and savor the adventure. TAKE THE PLUNGE! That’s where the true ‘weeeeeeeee’ lies……”

Wishing you all a marvelous day of sweet “wweeeeeeeeeeee”…… May the boulders and drops in your path create the most sublime of adventures! Are you ready to feel that wind in your face???

Kicking off the ruby red slippers for a moment to feel the grass between my toes….!

Hello, dear superb friends! Just couldn’t resist taking another moment to bask in the genius of our sweet wonderful planet! Why is it that many of my best “moments of oneness” with the wonder of it all are inspired by the eyes of a dog or a child—even if that child is my own inner child?? Wink!

So today, it was just another innocent moment…I thought that I was merely taking my 3 handsome furry friends on a walk, but it became a journey into bliss…the sun was shining oh-so-perfectly—big beautiful poofy white clouds graced our global canopy…the perfect breeeze…next to my house the azaleas were overflowing with masses of bright fuchsia blossoms framed by an exquisite façade of the most delicate purple wildflowers in the meadow next to my house that you ever have seen…a duck “couple” was floating leisurely on the pond across the way…the neighborhood owl swooped across in the distance as if to say hello…as we approached the pond up the street, one of our alligator friends struck a GQ gator pose while soaking in the last remnants of the sun as three determined turtles squeezed their way onto a log and craned their necks in worship of the sun…(do turtles really need a tan?)….And then on the surface of the pond were these tiny little flashes of “circledom”…apparently even the insects are dancing in delight….

Overhead, is a small plane…someone is learning to fly… I giggle because the last thing that I yearn to do is to get into an airplane and suspend myself yet, to that person up there, this must be heaven…and how incredible that not too long ago, this was just a fantasy…did my grandparents look up into the sky and see a novice pilot gaining their wings?…yet, today, it fits into the harmony of the moment…meanwhile the “boys” are sniffing every blade of grass as if each scent holds the hidden treasure of eternity…each blade captivates them and I smile in awe of their passion… as they roll on their backs and deliciously rub the deepest of those scents into their fur, I am embraced in this grand tapestry of perfection.

I look up and see the trees and I smell the distant orange blossoms… I marvel in the knowledge that the Universe does indeed seem to have our backs…here are these “tiny things”…free for the taking…yet definite food for the soul…these are the gems in life…the things that make us say “ahhhhh” if we remember to see them….these are the “priceless” gifts that the planet offers without a fee…free for all—“rich” or “poor”….the world adapts and shifts and changes, but it finds a way to deliver beauty…and in that beauty is the promise of ease and all-is-wellness….we savored our wonderful walk and used it to put the pressures of the day on hold for a moment…when I walked inside the house, the phone rang  and “the sound of” my daughter’s smile across the miles seemed that much more magnificent…the warmth of all the love in my heart seemed all the more encompassing…I was gratified with the knowing that life is indeed exquisite and that we have such a magnificent treasure chest of wonder before us….wishing you each the true kiss of the Universe upon your foreheads and as human as we may be, it’s all deliciously “perfect” and eternal….thank you for inspiring me so upon my own little journey…!

May your day be filled with hand-made clover crowns and may we each take a moment to kick off those ruby red slippers so that we can feel the grass between our toes! Wink (again)!

ONWARD AND (no offense to down, but….) UPWARD….!

Hello dear beautiful world and hello dear beautiful friends! Today the clouds just couldn’t be any more perfect and the weather absolutely sings to my soul! The Canine Tenors are out in the backyard singing to the squirrels, singing to the neighbors and just generally singing to life and to anyone else who will listen!

Oh yes, there were problems to solve and ok….SOME aggravations….some mysteries that are still elusive and yes, GOSH it was hard to work when it feels so much like true “make-your-heart-dance” SPRING!

And yet….I can SEE the progress all around me….! Yes, believing IS seeing and (in spite of my “old mind”s” attempt to keep me in check…wink!) my new beliefs seem to be creating things that definitely resemble a light at the end of the tunnel!

Ok, ok…. I KNOW that we have sometimes been told that in order to be effective and to properly “deal” with reality, we have to “get to the bottom” of the issue….roll up our sleeves…”dig deep”…dissect those tender spots and really wrestle those demons to the ground…… (and this was said to a child who found the Roadrunner and the Three Stooges too violent….no wonder, the very thought of that had me hyperventilating, but I did try…..!)

Yes, I tried to follow the directions on the package called “life” and I trained my brain to go over and over and over AND OVER those irritating, unfulfilling, “knock me to my knees and leave me crying” moments…. I kept thinking that if I looked at the problem from enough angles, I would somehow (magically?) wake up one day and be purged of the pain that had left me breathless and angry or hurt….

Well, my dear darling friends, as I awoke one day to find myself in a relationship filled with terror, anger and addiction, I decided that (respectfully) this approach of trying to relive these moments in hopes of finding the missing link just wasn’t working…. Yes, living through them once was quite enough… I was at the point where my anxiety was at such a level that I couldn’t even drive on the highway. My stress was already so high that just the addition of basic “highway sensitivity” tossed me into an anxiety attack. I was shocked to find myself in that position, but there I was….

Yes, I did try to undo the effects of my scenario by “putting on a happy face” and pretending that all was well, but those results were equally ineffective. My brain knew how I truly felt and it wasn’t warm and fuzzy…. Any affirmations that I made only made my attempts at feeling that fuzziness seem like sandpaper. My brain just rolled its eyes and told me that we weren’t quite “there” yet….!

So how to undo the stalemate?

I began to play….yes, play…..I discovered a book called “Ask and It is Given” (by Jerry and Esther Hicks) that literally fell on the floor at my feet as I was walking through a different section of the book store. And as the old saying goes, “And the rest is history…”

Learning to play wasn’t easy, because I had bought into the idea that play is the opposite of work. I assure you it is not–wink–and for me, play can be infinitely more PRODUCTIVE than work. At the risk of being cliche, I can’t help but quote James Matthew Barrie from Peter Pan (after all this IS the Tinkerbell Project….wink again…)

“It is not real work unless you would rather be doing something else.”

Allow me to add my own Tinkerbell wisdom to the quote and to say, “….so if you love what you do then you will never work a day in your life….”

Yes, I began to use deliberate play….”mind games” that my mind would accept because I called them “games”. I would imagine and envision great outcomes….great dreams….great loving conversations and great feelings….I began to play to identify the feelings that I wanted to feel…the essence of what I was wishing for…. I spent more mind time at the “top” of my game than at the “bottom of it all”. (Because—as Esther Hicks/Abraham has said— THERE IS NO BOTTOM…..) And if it’s “play”, what can be the harm in it? It certainly felt better than the infinite repeat of angst and drama….

And guess what…..things began to change…..”for no logical reason”, my “luck” seemed to be improving…. I could feel a big huge sigh and I began to rewire my own inner machine and I began the process of learning to empower myself—versus my habit of just “dealing with” whatever came my way….

Part of the “play” was to find joy in my day….in my work…in my chores…even in the most crotchedly, complainy and thorn in my side folks who happened to come my way….

After all, was I really obligated to play by the rules….? Rules that said that conditions had to be a certain way for me to be “entitled” to be happy….? Hmnnnn…..now THAT was an interesting concept….because then I was no longer obligated to be a victim….because a victim has to FEEL like a victim in order to be one….don’t they…..(can you feel me smile….nothing wrong with a cheshire cat in the middle of a Peter Pan story….)

And so the story continues for several years….it started with baby steps until my entire world and my entire perception of my world began to shift….

Yes, I have become a bit of a rebel. I DO identify what I don’t like, but I don’t program it into my viewing favorites.

These days, I play the game of how many times can I get to the TOP OF IT….(forget the bottom of it….)? How many new ideas can I sift from the challenge…. Where’s the hidden brainstorm in that particular problem? And how many wonderful “mundane” things can I actually feel GRATEFUL for?

And in the process, how many times during the day can I remember to stop and simply BASK IN THIS PROCESS??

We are alive and we are living in a super exciting time on this planet! Our fellow humans are brimming with wonderful ideas and innovations. AS ARE WE! There are opportunities that our ancestors never dreamed of. We have more freedom to learn and to choose and to pass joyous knowledge on to our children. We are living in a world where there is more encouragement to truly share our uniqueness. We are the pioneers in a new unfolding….

Sooooo….as I wind down this particular day, I send out my smiles and my very best wishes and I say let’s reinvent the rules….let’s dump the game of “what’s wrong with this picture” and replace it with our revised version of “what’s RIGHT with this picture….?” Let’s tuck those troubles into bed and thank them for the great ideas that they spawn, but let’s rise to the top and then soar and soar and soar……

Time to leave our cocoons and “rise” to the occasion! Have a blissful evening, dear friends!! What a great time it is to be alive….Onwards and (yes) UPWARD!!!!

Live Your Day with “Ener-joy”…(“Energy+ Joy=Inner Joy”)!

Hello dear beautiful world and hello dear beautiful friends! Today I sit in awe of the mightiness that has been inspired by my youngest daughter. Spring break is upon us and the youngest of my three remarkable children decided to spend her vacation time at the beach… ok…I know…you might be thinking MTV and bikinis and strange gelatinous drinks…wink! Well, that might be the sort of respite that some kids are seeking, but my wee one (who is not so “wee” anymore) has chosen the beaches of Africa for her spring break…

Yes, her days are filled with the exuberance of teaching English and “shapes” to Africans of all ages…and does it surprise you to hear that the most passionate of the students are the adults…? It is HOT….VERY HOT….no glamor there….just loads of sweat and bug spray but even more joy and smiles….and she is THRIVING!!! The diversity of this planet never ceases to amaze. The power of the human spirit to grow and to blossom is humbling. We may be strikingly different in our languages, our lifestyles and our perspectives, but where there is openness, there is the opportunity to learn–and to rejoice in that learning…!

As I read her email and felt the true “joie de vivre” of this young soul, it struck me that we all can tap into this enthusiasm and love of life each and every day. Every moment is an opportunity. Every breath can be filled with joyous wonder. That exuberance of our childhood does not need to be tamed. Let us dive deep into our souls and rekindle that fire. Let us grab onto that energy that inspired us to marvel at each blade of grass, each puffy cloud, each tiny wrinkle on our finger….let us feel the intensity that gave us the “energy” of our childhood and let us fuse that energy with the joy of knowing that we are blissfully and succulently alive…each moment adds to the experience and each experience adds more insight to our childhood energy….

Yes….”energy” plus “joy” equals “ener-joy”! So let our “inner joy” roll forth and create the momentum of each new tomorrow….! We are magical beings. YES! We question…we wonder…and we always look for more ways to move forward…WE create eternity through this eternal quest…so bask in your part in this marvelous creation! You are an important and unique ingredient in this never-ending recipe of evolution. You make the world what it is. You have your own special and inimitable gift to share, so, YES…. take a look into that mirror and smile….move forth into the world with power and live with your own special recipe of “ENER-JOY”…. there is a lot of life to be lived! Dive headlong into your masterpiece….!

THIS is how all happy endings begin!

Hello dear wonderful world and hello dear wonderful friends! Today I sit at my desk with mountains of “to-do’s” and all of that fun “pressure” that seems to come with most of our days…..

And yet, I can’t help but think…what IS my story? Why do we seem programmed to fear/expect “the worse” when chances are, we are on our way to the best parts of our life EVER? What if we KNEW that our lives will have “happy endings”? How would this day and all of its stresses look then?

Can you imagine the power? Can you imagine the energy behind each moment if you KNEW that this was all part of creating that wonderful finale to your monumental story? Why…isn’t it possible that today and all of its trials and tribulations might even be (yes…gasp) FUN??? What if today was all about the joy of discovering the idea that would push your life “over the top”? What if you knew that every crotchety personality that you encounter today was part of the secret formula for your success? What if there is no way that you can ever take the “wrong path” or make the “wrong decision”? What if it’s all totally rigged so that you reach your full potential and blaze forward into creation as the totally unique and wonderful YOU???

So maybe it’s time that we all pretend like we can jump to the “end” of our story and see the brilliance that we are headed for….! Why not seize our day with the gusto of our own inner superhero?! There have been many men and women who we now consider extraordinary who at one time were simply more faces in a crowd. Did they KNOW as they faced their “failures” and their challenges that they were destined for success? Probably not—but I would be willing to guess that they did BELIEVE that they had a shot….for isn’t it the belief that holds the key to our power….isn’t belief the “pen” on our paper—determining the story that we write for ourselves…?

So, today as we face our own challenges and our own pressures, let’s face them with the expectation of success. It’s time to let go of those old images of decline and pending failure and to now paint a “bigger picture” that is worthy of a gilded frame! Today is an opportunity….one of the great chapters in a great and wonderful tale! Live this page to your fullest! Believe in your happy ending and enjoy the “development of your character”! You ARE the hero in this story and maybe, yes, it IS all about you! Wink! So BE the star of this story like only you can be! Live it UP (not down) and give the world a story that makes you soar! You CAN do it. You ARE doing it! This is an invigorating day that brims with life and potential. Savor it. Bask in it and keep creating the next line…..and knowing that it will be WONDERFUL! Because isn’t this “once upon a time” how all of the best happy endings begin….?

A Fountain of Youth for the Soul…..

Ah, dear friends! The ebb and flow on this spiritual river is intoxicating…! And what a gorgeous morning…with a gorgeous blue sky waiting to be savored….the air so crisp and refreshing…! And, oooo, the clouds…. big, voluptuous and dramatic… how luscious to wake up to these beautifully painted walls…expressions of my inner soul reflected all around me… to the “smiling” perfect little faces of my darling dachsies… their fur… their vigor.. their hutzpa…!

I feel more of a connection with life and with people… I feel “close” to something wonderful although I am not sure exactly what that “wonderful something” will be…other than perhaps happiness…. there is still so much to figure out, but I am discovering that even in the midst of this journey, I can allow myself the privilege of being happy… I CAN relearn to expect the best… I can dip my toe into this pool and come out revived like the fountain of youth…

It can still feel “ok” to have areas of my life that still need work…that still need my energy… perhaps that is part of the fun and the inspiration…part of the reason for taking this trip along this path….

Life can still be successful without millions to show for it… life can be successful without statues crafted in my honor… I am learning that I can hold my head high simply because I am here…learning….dipping…diving…soaring…rafting the river whether the conditions are whitewater or calm…

And I can learn to expect tomorrow to be even more magnificent than today while still basking in this moment’s glory…. I can learn that the work in progress is a masterpiece in the making… and if I don’t ever declare it done, it will never be outdated…!

By gently and patiently, allowing myself to expand…by being willing to retrain my thoughts–which then re-sculpt my beliefs— I not only grow, I blossom… And as I blossom, more and more aspects of my life please me…

Yes, dear friends, let today be the day of “fountain dancing”…let us dive boldly into that fountain of new youth! Let us splash with pure abandon—the “abandon” to allow ourselves to joyously leave behind those old beliefs that say “you can’t”….the fears that anchor us to those disempowering perspectives…the habits that we created out of fear and doubt….

Yes, today, let’s dip into the resources of our soul and rekindle the organic power of our inner child…True, more time has passed so we are wiser–but instead of using that wisdom to squelch the fires of our youth, let’s INFUSE that wisdom into the coals of that passion and CREATE AN ENERGY that can power destinies!! Live on! Dance on! Today is a new day for the creating!

Can It Be That Those Rose Colored Glasses See Only What Is Real….?

Hello, dear wonderful world and hello dear wonderful friends! Today, I wake up as the person who I have always intended to be! Today I will dance like the music and my joy will never stop! Today, I give myself the freedom to love and laugh with no boundaries! Today, I will savor the diversity of life as I savor the wonderful bounty at the ultimate Crazy Buffet! Today, I can’t get it wrong! Today, I allow myself to trust with no disclaimers. Today, I become the ultimate parent to my own inner child! Today, I savor and taste all that I find delicious and I dream with the knowledge that all is possible! Today, I lovingly don the rose-colored glasses with the confident knowledge that what I see is indeed real. Today, I will look for more evidence of that which I hope to see and I will make much of everything wondrous that I do see! Today, I will rejoice that there is eternally more to be done, more to hope for, more to “achieve” because life is my playground and it is here for infinite years of playing! Today, I will make light of the journey, but travel with passionate intent. Today, I am a joyous, loving creator. Today, I share my journey with other joyous, loving creators–each with our own luscious gift of total freedom. Let us revel in this glorious co-creative dance and rejoice that we have been given such a golden ticket of opportunity! Whether you are one that adds the sparkle or one that helps to cut and shape the diamond, we love you and we appreciate you because YOU hold the key to the true majik of this planet! I, for one, am eternally appreciative of the opportunity to share this journey with all and to really truly BE HERE! Love to you all and Happy “MY TIME TO LOVE AND SHINE” Day! Make it the best day ever!