Once Upon Our Time…..

To my dear darling sweet planet…. I am not part of your beginning and I am not part of your end (if there is indeed such a thing), but thank you for allowing me the glimpse at the perfection that we call life~~~ wow, how short and sweet a mere hundred years can seem when there is a planet brimming with such beauty, such insight and such love… each moment stands still when basking in the brilliance of even the most trivial of your realities… so let there be life and let there be imagination for in our imagination grows the seeds of eternity…kiss me with your sunsets and push me forward with my “defeats” … bless me with the ability to grow…and in my growth, let me understand that change is the wonder from which all infinity blossoms… and in the meantime, I watch the turtle persevere to the next pond. I watch the roses unfold into their full bloom. I listen to my children navigate to new frontiers with glee and exquisite confidence. I listen to my own heart dance and play at the possibilities. This is life. This is bliss. THIS, my dear ones, is a look into the soul of our most eternal and sacred being-ness. This is the opportunity to throw the acorns back up to the sky. This is the opportunity to smile with the pure unadulterated smile of the “can be”.  This is about beauty and wisdom and about all that we can’t perhaps yet explain. This is about the silence and the awe that we feel under the moon and the stars when all of the rest of the world is trying to make us believe that this magnificent planet is somehow broken…. This is about the unfinished and about the exquisitely unfolding… This is about pure life—pure breath—and ultimately about pure and sublime NOW….. Being wholly and fully ALIVE could not possibly hold any more rich meaning than the gift of each reverent breath of evolution…..Dive in and revel in the opportunity to mold your own clay of dreams….the lusciousness of existence simply waits for your decision to harvest it….

And so, dear world, as I force myself to say goodnight to another day of promise and adventure, I gaze at your moon….I taste your breeze….and I inhale the awe of how much beauty has come before me and how much mystery is yet to come….Life is not about the “must do’s”…. Life is about the forgotten moments that shape all that we are yet to become… Life is our own personal fairy tale…and OH! To behold the magic!!!!!





“Shine On You Crazy Diamond”

Hello my dear, dear global friends~~ savor this sweet, sweet moment in all of our lives ~~ we are vibrant, we are alive and we are questing ~~ we are all that life is about ~~ we are each and every molecule! In our challenges, in our frustrations, we are the Universal heartbeat. We are magnificence at its most radiant and supreme. Life is not about “getting it right”, but rather about letting its life-giving energy pulse through our hearts, pulse through our veins, pulse through our dreams ~~ WE CREATE ETERNITY simply by the fact that we will never let “it” end. We yearn, we desire, we plead, we even cry…. but were it not for these tears, there would be no need for tomorrow. Were it not for our ideas and creativity, there would be no future….We are on a magnificent voyage together ~~ we are artists ~~ we are dancers ~~ we are great explorers ~~ we shape the future as we savor our way through the present ~~ we are anything but alone ~~ we are human and THAT is the greatest gift that we can have inherited ~~ to see the world not through the eyes of perfection, but through the eyes of possibility, that is not only my dream, but my vision ~~  This is our moment and oh, is it ever worth the birthing!!!” Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your soul. And love this planet because there is genius in even the most frustrating of moments. We are jewels in a magnificent crown ~~ so bask in your beauty and let your sparkle shine! And shine and shine and shine! We truly already live in “Heaven”— even if we fondly call this little planet simply Earth~~ xxxxx

(title courtesy of Pink Floyd…. wink!)

Can It Be That Those Rose Colored Glasses See Only What Is Real….?

Hello, dear wonderful world and hello dear wonderful friends! Today, I wake up as the person who I have always intended to be! Today I will dance like the music and my joy will never stop! Today, I give myself the freedom to love and laugh with no boundaries! Today, I will savor the diversity of life as I savor the wonderful bounty at the ultimate Crazy Buffet! Today, I can’t get it wrong! Today, I allow myself to trust with no disclaimers. Today, I become the ultimate parent to my own inner child! Today, I savor and taste all that I find delicious and I dream with the knowledge that all is possible! Today, I lovingly don the rose-colored glasses with the confident knowledge that what I see is indeed real. Today, I will look for more evidence of that which I hope to see and I will make much of everything wondrous that I do see! Today, I will rejoice that there is eternally more to be done, more to hope for, more to “achieve” because life is my playground and it is here for infinite years of playing! Today, I will make light of the journey, but travel with passionate intent. Today, I am a joyous, loving creator. Today, I share my journey with other joyous, loving creators–each with our own luscious gift of total freedom. Let us revel in this glorious co-creative dance and rejoice that we have been given such a golden ticket of opportunity! Whether you are one that adds the sparkle or one that helps to cut and shape the diamond, we love you and we appreciate you because YOU hold the key to the true majik of this planet! I, for one, am eternally appreciative of the opportunity to share this journey with all and to really truly BE HERE! Love to you all and Happy “MY TIME TO LOVE AND SHINE” Day! Make it the best day ever!