The Journey Through Life is the Ultimate Vacation Package…


Wild and wonderful planet

A vacation is the wonderful way that you spend your time on the way to going home… so live your life like one glorious vacation….!


Sometimes the greatest inspiration comes not from the gurus but from those who we let inside our hearts…


Hello dear wonderful friends and hello dear beautiful Universe! It is easy to feel awe-inspired by the teachings of the great prophets and philosophers of our species…but perhaps (as Dorothy discovered) there are equally profound–albeit more subtle– sparks of genius in Kansas as there are in Oz.

…It is the ability of the “little people” in the world— our friends, our family, our loved ones, the random stranger— to impact us suddenly and profoundly that can inspire us to become all that we truly yearn to be and all that we ultimately are… it is the smile that comes at just the right moment… or the song that seems to speak to the question within… It is the touch that seems to soothe all sorrow… or the hug that says “yes, you can!”…! It is sometimes only the simple fact that our children believe that we can accomplish the “impossible” that we actually do….!

Our lives and experiences are sculpted by the hands of those champions that surround us–big AND small…those special people who allow us to reveal the hidden magic within ourselves

Today, instead of waiting for a new door to open, I celebrate the beauty of my own back yard…each and every flower…each singing bird…each blade of grass…each whisper of the wind… today, I celebrate the fellow humans that have helped transform what could have been a rock into a gem…those who have inspired me to see that hope is limitless and that imagination is eternal…. that love is infinite and that Life is ever more….(and more and more and more…)!

Today, I celebrate my family….my children…my oldest daughter as she approaches the glorious age of 23… as I look at the beauty within her face…as I stand aghast in awe at the brilliance, love and kindness that she radiates, I am reminded that sometimes the greatest inspiration comes not from those that we put on a pedestal but from those that we allow into our hearts…. in their richness, our souls can build that which we would call “home”…..!

The Flow-ers of Earth’s Secret Garden

Hello dear wonderful friends and hello dear wonderful universe! Today I sit in appreciation of this moment in time…the air so cool and crisp that its cold beauty dazzles like diamonds… The hum of the frig drones like a distant organ lulling me into a sense of extended peace…the song of a solitary bird chirps in delight as its voice serenades the brilliant blue sky…now the crescendo of an approaching jet….a spontaneous symphony of Life complete with a kaleidoscope of colors, textures and eternal “be-ing”.

All the world at this moment seems to beckon me toward “the blossoming”… The moment when I embrace all that I am, all that I have already been, and all that I am yet to become…. When the momentum of my life and my thoughts and my feelings converge into a tsunami of sparkling “me”-ness… When I am truly “in the flow” of my true potential and bathing in this fountain where the idealistic energy of youth meets the tempered wisdom of maturity…

Yes, dear friends, today the world invites us to become “the flow-ers” in this secret garden that some might even call Eden. The more diverse the variety of blooms, the more spectacular is the vision. Be the rose! Be the violet! Be the sunflower or the cactus bloom! Be the blossom that has never been seen in this garden before!

The Universe schools us with many forms of beauty and success. Some like the mountains take millions of years to evolve and they endure great change. Others like the firefly are brilliant in their brief moment to shine. There is no one perfect model nor one definition of success. All seem to require contrast in order to thrive in its full glory. Days of rain…days of sunshine…even hurricane and fire sculpt the complexion of our mighty planet. The genius is in the harmony of the vibrant “now” moment with the ever evolving “eternity”. Billions of beings simultaneously adding their essence to the richness of one orbiting globe…

So here we stand caught (or reveling in) our own tiny moment. What will define us–or better yet, how will we define ourselves? Are we a collection of hurricanes and hardships–or are we the glistening beaches and the sunsets so spectacular that they take our breath away?

…Or perhaps we too are a microcosm where there will be wind, rain and times of devastation but perhaps it is the combination of these moments of both hardship and glory that creates the masterpiece that we call Life. It is this harmony of sun and rain that within which lies the secret to our well being.. Yes we “flow” … We become… But this is how we come to know and to fully embrace the meaning and potential value of the entity that we call “I”.

May this be a day when you are reveling in the “I” of your (yes it is) PERFECT storm!