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    • Thanks, Melinda! YES! It has been too long!!!! We’ll be driving for 5 hours on Saturday so we’ll need it, I think! Hope that your week is off to an amazing start! Mine certainly is! Sometimes the world is just absolutely magical….! In fact, humbling in its ability to dole out pleasant surprises….almost like it’s saying, “…and you actually really doubted me….?” Wink! Off and running to that dream, yes?

    • Wow! I am so honored!!! You have made my day! Thank you so much! I will jump on this later today! So exciting! Frodo, Tinkerbell and I are doing a happy dance (complete with LOTS of chocolate)…


      Meridith (Tinkerbell)

    • Thanks, Liz! I have found that for me happiness is a lifestyle as opposed to something that I discover. The older I get the more I feel that the “secret” is more about focus than steering clear of things that “make it harder” to feel happy. We are learning and growing and blossoming, aren’t we?! It’s not so much about learning to live a little as it is about learning to live a lot!! Thanks for your friendship! Enjoy your lovely day!

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