Hello, dear wonderful friends! Tonight I sit immersed in the exquisite silence of our planet at night….one dog curled on my lap…two others nestled into the pillows of the futon chair by my side…all I hear is the gentle intake of their breath and the all-embracing beauty of a world at peace….

Ok, so perhaps it wasn’t the easiest day on the planet…life has a way of throwing curve balls into one’s path..but nevertheless, in the perfection of this moment, I am finding my way back to the peace and quiet of inner contentment….I am changing and this change is good…

For most of my life, I have been questing for happiness…yes, “the secret”….the ultimate prize that will “trouble proof” my world and insure that my world is light and fluffy. I have gone to great lengths to try to discover how to claim Happiness as mine–and yet, in spite of my efforts, these little snafus always seemed to appear. I would grow perplexed and discouraged. What could I be missing? Why could I not achieve it–and even more often, why could I not maintain it—harness it—disaster proof it so that I could always call it “mine”?

And then one day, I began to see…. like a bird, Happiness is not something that one captures, but nor is it something that will fly away if one is not careful. Happiness is not something that one can claim or even hold stagnant. Happiness is around us…alive and beating like a heart in love… Happiness is a brilliance that one breathes into the depths of one’s soul—usually by choice and by design. Although some things make it easier to allow that glorious Happiness into one’s heart, Happiness needs nothing other than a willing soul. Happiness doesn’t demand perfection. Happiness doesn’t require company or prosperity or even a series of carefully woven events. Happiness is totally and completely free…complex in its simplicity. Happiness offers its essence to anyone at any moment. The fruit on the tree of happiness is always ripe. All we have to do is to decide to pluck it.

And so, dear friends, as we scurry through our busy days, let’s not chide ourselves too badly for the occasional foul mood or momentary frustration. It is all part of the colorful palate that creates the masterpiece. And yet, as we play at this game called Life, let’s remember that happiness is the sound of our lover’s breath. Happiness is the perfect shade of green. Happiness is the perfect song at the perfect moment. Happiness is the first taste of that perfectly chilled nectar. Happiness is the sounds of laughter along a street. Happiness is the ability to giggle for no reason. Happiness is here—waiting to be unleashed. Happiness is important and powerful, and always ready when we are.

Maybe there is no secret…maybe Happiness is like the missing pair of glasses that sits waiting to be discovered on top of our head…

2 thoughts on “Tinkerbell

  1. I just love the way you express yourself in your writing. I felt like I was sitting there with you. 🙂 Stay happy and well. Thank you for your visit to my blog. 🙂

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