Find the miracles in your day!

Hello my dear and wonderful friends! Today I am reveling in the world of miracles! Yes, it may perhaps sound like an overstatement as we all battle our way through traffic or field a particularly exasperating call…and yet…. if you look for them…surprisingly…ironically…you will find those devilish little miracles lurking around many corners…. !

I’m not necessarily talking about walking on water, but, honestly, doesn’t it sort of feel like an absolute miracle when a situation that seemed ready to explode actually ends up making you shine—and even possibly looking like a modern day version of a hero??? To me, that’s (yes) A MIRACLE!!

I have decided that miracles are those moments that make me recognize that I am blossoming… I feel good and sometimes GREAT! I feel like jumping up behind my desk, throwing one arm up in the air and doing my own sort of victory dance (yes, try to rival me, you end zone superstars!)! Miracles are moments when I TASTE the thrill of happiness…when I don’t view life as a bitch…in fact, I sort of thrive on the action-packed juice that has given my life its Dolby sound!

And yes, miracles can be those moments when the snow falls so perfectly that even one’s heartbeat seems too loud… those moments when the caress of the candlelight upon the walls seem to create a kaleidoscope that suspends time eternally… Miracles can be those moments over the supper table when you truly BELIEVE that all is well and that life just couldn’t get any sweeter…

Miracles can be the moment when someone magically calls and says just the right thing when you felt oh-so disconnected…. Life is full of miracles. Today, I blow past the “rule” that says that we have to realistically define them and prove them and save them for rescuing babes from the fire… Yes…. today, my miracles live by my own rules… today, I embrace anything and everything that I want to dub a miracle… today, I take back the reins on my own life and ALLOW myself the license to “in joy”….! Today, I see miracles even in the contrast and I smile knowing that this adventure is lusciously, exquisitely and blissfully mine…! Dance with us, world… teach us the miracle of your most precociously all-embracing tango….!

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